Dear community, the SDK you are currently looking at is now deprecated. These are details related to sunsetting:
  1. Until November 1 2020 (01/11/20) high severity security issues found within the latest published version will be fixed. All support will cease after this date.
  2. No new builds will follow effective April 20 (20/04/2020) apart from the fixes mentioned above.
  3. On June 1 2020 we aim to archive the source code repositories found on GitHub

Klarna Checkout REST.Core .NET SDK

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Get started


API Credentials

Before getting a production account you can get a playground one. Register here to be able to test your SDK integration before go live:

Later you need to register as a Klarna merchant to get a production credentials

Installation and Usage

Example files can be found in the examples project.

Package Manager

To install .NET SDK for Klarna, run the following command in the Package Manager Console:

PM> Install-Package Klarna.Rest.Core -Version x.y.z


> dotnet add package Klarna.Rest.Core --version x.y.z

Paket CLI

paket add Klarna.Rest.Core --version x.y.z


Check the to get information about the latest version.


Example files can be found in the examples project. Additional documentation can be found at .

Questions and feedback

If you have any questions concerning this product or the implementation, please contact .

How to contribute

At Klarna, we strive toward achieving the highest possible quality for our products. Therefore, we require you to follow these guidelines if you wish to contribute.

To contribute, the following criteria needs to be fulfilled:

  • Description regarding what has been changed and why
  • Pull requests should implement a boxed change
  • All code and documentation must follow the style specified by the StyleCop standard.
  • New features and bug fixes must have accompanying unit tests:
    • Positive tests
    • Negative tests
    • Boundary tests (if possible)
    • No less than 90% decision coverage
  • All unit tests should pass


Klarna Checkout REST .NET SDK is licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0