What is On-Site Messaging?

Consumers are not always aware of the different credit and financing options available to them before they reach the checkout. Knowing financing is available early on influences the purchase decision.

On-Site Messaging is easy and simple to integrate providing tailored messaging ranging from generic banners to promote your partnership with Klarna and availability of financing to personalized credit promotions on product or cart pages.

What are the best practices for integration?

Credit promotions


Promote financing and monthly payments with credit promotions.


Product and cart pages. Ideally below or next to the product price or cart total.


Always include placements. Klarna will display the most relevant payment option, or not load any content if a payment option would not be available.


Show your available payment methods with Klarna.


Footer or in sidebar. It is recommended to use one type, but both can be used.


Add these placements to the footer or the sidebar sitewide to always let your users know how they can pay.



Generic and payment method specific messaging.


Home page and landing pages.


Banner placements will render content in all cases. Utilize these to support other marketing efforts(). For EU click here. For US click here.

Information page messaging


Messaging explaining Klarna and including more details about the available payment methods.


Dedicated information page.


This page should be stand-alone and can be linked to when referencing your partnership with Klarna on other pages or in external campaigns such as social media or newsletters.

Frequently Asked Questions about On-Site Messaging with Klarna

How can I integrate this on my website?

Follow the steps in getting started.

How can I control the messaging?

You select the type of placement you would like to use and also decide when to include it on your site. Klarna will show the message with the highest potential to increase conversion or average order value for the specific type of placement and purchase amount, if provided.

What does On-Site Messaging cost?

The On-Site Messaging platform provided by Klarna is an additional service provided with Klarna Payments (KP) and Klarna Checkout (KCOv3). There are no additional charges.

What do I need to do to be compliant with regulators?

Messaging credit is heavily regulated. Klarna keeps all messaging provided through the On-Site Messaging compliant and up to date with regulations in each market.