Klarna Shipping Service

The Klarna Shipping Service (KSS) puts consumers in control by letting them choose shipping method at the point of purchase. With the Klarna Shipping Service Callback API we ensure a dynamic user experience for the consumer.

What is it?

About Shipping

In e-commerce, there is one obstacle yet to be solved for consumers; the shipping experience. How can we enable users to choose their preferred shipping method at point of purchase?

With KSS, the merchant always controls the shipping option logic, meaning you tell us what shipping options to show, in which order, what extra services you want to offer (e.g. notifications) and which delivery times or pickup points are available. We receive that information from you or from our common logistic partner through our API, the Klarna Shipping Service Callback API.

How do I start?

KSS Checklist

In order to enable KSS in the checkout you need to follow the steps below.

  • Provide us with your available shipping options via the Klarna Shipping Service Callback API. This means that you either have to integrate our API directly or use one of our existing partnerships with a logistics company.
  • Send us default shipping options for your order when you create a KCO session. We use those shipping options as fallback in case we do not get any response via the Klarna Shipping Service Callback API. This way we ensure that users always are presented with shipping options. You either provide us with this information via your own integration or via the partner plattform you are using.
  • Configure your shipping credentials in the merchant portal. We need the authentication data to receive your shipping options via our API. Here you find more information about how to use our merchant portal.

Ready to start?

Direct integration

Do you handle your own logistics and want to integrate the Klarna Shipping Service Callback API directly? View documentation here.

Through a partner

Do you use one of our partners? Check out which partners support KSS here .