Welcome to the Klarna developer portal. This section explains how to add Klarna branding to your store in a way that meets our design standards and delivers a positive impact for your business.

The brand elements listed below are foundations for how to display your partnership with Klarna. These elements are dynamic — which means we’re continuously improving them and making them better. When an update is made, you will automatically get the latest version without needing to re-integrate. Super smoooth, just like we promised.

Brand Elements

In this section, you can find everything you need to know about our Brand Elements. At Klarna, when talking about brand elements, we refer mainly to the following:

  1. Payment Selector
  2. Payment Method Display
  3. Payment Badge / Logo (part of both Payment Selector and Payment Method Display)

In order to make it easy for you, we will provide a short introduction into what we mean by the different brand elements and how we would advise you to use them in order to achieve best conversion

1. Payment selector

Let’s get started. Every purchase begins with the payment selector, the area in your checkout that provides shoppers with a range of payment methods. An example of how it could look like follows below.

Payment Selector = Payment Badge + Payment Descriptor

The payment selector could also be seen as a container for the so called brand elements. In this case, the brand elements are Klarna’s payment badge and Klarna’s payment descriptor. We will explore in detail both elements and also show you how the two main elements can be combined in order to achieve a brand-friendly integration.

Payment Badge

The preferred payment badge is pink. It’s used as a stamp of credibility and to highlight Klarna payment methods at checkout. The hosted versions (CDN) below are automatically updated to ensure faster loading times.

  • Free placement within your image.
  • Mind the clear space of the logo — about the height of the “K” all around.
  • Don’t use the logo smaller than a height of 32 px.

Klarna badge recommendationsKlarna badge recommendations

Klarna badges / logos in SVG and PNG formats can be found by referring to Payment Badge / Logo

Payment Descriptor

There are preferred and acceptable descriptors for each payment method. This text is intended to add clarity to the decision-making process at checkout, and should align with all post-purchase communication. For payment descriptors per region, refer to Merchant Assets Per Region

  • Use sentence case (one capital letter).
  • Do not add punctuation (just the comma in “buy now, pay later” and the hyphen in “interest-free”).
  • Do not customize text (e.g. “wear now, pay later”)
This section only applies to the regions:
United States of America
Payment methodsPreferred descriptorsAcceptable descriptors
Payment methods
Preferred descriptors
Pay later
Acceptable descriptors
Buy now, pay later
Payment methods
Pay later
Preferred descriptors
Pay in 30 days
Acceptable descriptors
Buy now, pay in 30 days
Payment methods
Preferred descriptors
4 interest-free payments
Acceptable descriptors
4 easy payments
Payment methods
Preferred descriptors
Monthly financing
Acceptable descriptors
End of regional section

Integration Types

Your Klarna integration should reflect your current design standard. We don’t want to force fit anything. But we’ve noticed that nearly all high-performing integrations are left or right aligned and consist of two brand elements: payment badge + payment descriptor.

Left Aligned IntegrationLeft Aligned Integration
Right Aligned IntegrationRight Aligned Integration

2. Payment Method Display

What it is

An image that in a clear, structured and appealing way informs the consumer about the payment methods that are available in your store. Klarna’s presence as enabler and guarantor of a simple purchase process is also conveyed.

How could it look like

An example of how it could look like follows below.

What it does

It increases conversion by informing consumers about the available payment methods and the simple purchase process to be expected. It’s always up-to-date without any further efforts from your side.

Where it’s used

Use Case 1: For merchants using Klarna Checkout, the payment method display is used on the landing page of a web store using Klarna Checkout.

Use Case 2: If you do not use Klarna Checkout, you should instead use the Klarna logo as described below in the footer/header.

How to use it?

Use Case 1: Payment method display for Klarna Checkout

The payment method display (PMD) is a visual design that Klarna Checkout retailers can add to their store’s landing page, typically in the footer. This design provides a clear, structured, and appealing way to inform shoppers which standard and non-traditional payment methods are available at checkout. Just like the payment badge, PMD is hosted by Klarna to ensure availability and faster loading times. Add it to your store once and you’re done. In order to get the correct visual, you’ll need to specify the following parameters in the URL:

We also have a few recommendations for the overall design and width of the PMD:

  • Keep the Klarna logo between 330-440 px
  • Keep the long version of the PMD between 330-440 px
  • Keep the short version of the PMD between 240-312 px
  • Please note that you should not add “px” after the size parameter in the URL

You can see the locales we support by referring to Country Codes , but be aware that we don’t offer Klarna Checkout in all of these geographies. To get the following assets replace xx_xx found inside the code snippet with an appropriate country code.

Long Version


Short version


Use Case 2: If you do not use Klarna Checkout
Payment badge display for Klarna Payments

The payment badge display is available for retailers who have added a Klarna payment method to another checkout solution. For more information on how to use the badge in the correct way, see Payment Badge section above .