This page applies only to the following regions: United States

You’re a merchant?

Present Klarna’s availability on your site to your shoppers by showing them our badge. When shoppers see our badge on your store they know that shopping from you is completely risk and hassle free.

Typical placements of this badge include the footer of each page, in the checkout, and any other page where you think customers should know that you offer Klarna’s payment methods.

Your checkout

If you are not using the names and badges that are returned by our APIs, then you will need to manually update your checkout with the payment badges and naming.

Pay later.
Pay later in 30 days

4 interest-free installments
Monthly financing
Pay later.
Pay later in 30 days with Klarna

4 interest-free installments with Klarna
Monthly financing with Klarna

If you prefer using the .png format, simply replace .svg with .png on the above “ ” urls.

Note: Local payment name when multiple payment method types shown together is "Buy now, pay later"