Branding and Visuals

There are some really great things about the Branding and Visual assets. Most importantly they help you increase your conversion and even the trust for your store. They’re dynamic which meaning that we’re continuously improving them, making them even better – without you having to re-integrate them.


Our logo is perhaps not the most dynamic asset for your store, but an important one still. The Klarna brand is in many markets a symbol for a safe and serious store. This recognition benefits both you and your consumers. To continuously get this recognition, it’s very important that we use the same logo in all touch points. Use this logo. Only this. No Account or Invoice product logos or logos on a plate.

Payment method display

What it is: An image that in a clear, structured and appealing way informs the consumer about the payment methods that are available in your store. Klarna’s presence as enabler and guarantor of a simple purchase process is also conveyed.

Where it’s used: On the landing page of a web store using Klarna Checkout.

  • If you do not use Klarna Checkout you should instead use the Klarna logo as described above

What it does: It increases conversion by informing consumers about the available payment methods and the simple purchase process to be expected. It’s always up-to-date without any further efforts from your side.