Test your integration

To test your integration, you can use our Playground environment. In Playground, you need a test account, and you can trigger different use cases to see some of the scenarios the consumer will experience.

Go-live checklist

Below you can find a list of tasks you need to complete in order to go live with Klarna Payments. Completing these tasks will help you pass Klarna's verification of your integration faster and start accepting live transactions sooner.

  1. Do you save the customer session and use it throughout the interaction with Klarna?

  2. Do you display Klarna correctly in your checkout, rendering the widget together with our recommended naming and logo?

  3. Do you follow our best practices around showing/hiding the form? Test the scenarios here

  4. Do you handle cart updates, e.g. customers adding more items to the cart after the widget is loaded?

  5. Do you limit the user interaction outside the widget, when the authorization is in progress? 

  6. Did you review the terms and policies on your site, in case they need updating when adding Klarna Credit?

  7. Have you decided how to handle your order management process for capturing funds, refunds and cancellations, as well as settlements?


Now just let us know you're ready (contact details here). We'll verify your integration to make sure everything looks ok before switching you on.