Step by step - bring the new Klarna brand into your store.

Welcome to a brand new Klarna. Twelve years at the centre of online shopping has taught us what really matters to modern consumers, and we know that really matters to you. We’re changing the way we look, speak and function. All of it. Every touch point where your customers interact with us will be better looking, smarter and more intuitive. Since we started, our aim has been to make it smooother for your customers to shop.  We are convinced it will make a difference to them, which will also make a difference for your growth

Are you looking for assets to use in the checkout or throughout your site to show that you accept Klarna payments? Click here for more information.


What is required, what actions are needed from you?

  • Are you offering Klarna's payment methods as standalone options? Please make sure to read through the guidelines below and update your checkout with the new brand assets. (It is also a great time to ensure that you are following our Legal & Privacy guidelines.)
  • Are you using a Klarna hosted checkout? No action needed - we will update for you. You only need to update the logo if displayed elsewhere. Please see the logo page.
  • Are you integrating Klarna for the first time? Please see the "Integrate Klarna" in the left-hand menu. 

Klarna Payments. Aligned with what people want, and need, when buying.

Note: Different payment methods are offered in different countries. Select desired country in the dropdown above to view each market's available payment methods. 
Pay later
The option to buy now and pay later makes buying quicker and easier for customers: no need to fill out lengthy personal details or card numbers online. 
Slice it
Your customers can spread the cost of their purchases at a low interest rate, giving them flexibility and increased purchasing power. Our unique credit application requires minimal information and takes just seconds to complete. 


Assets and easy step-by-step instructions

Below you will find the different assets and easy to implement instructions. Please follow the instructions and update accordingly throughout your customer's shopping experience. 

  1. In your checkout
  2. On your site
  3. After the purchase
  4. In your marketing activities 

In your checkout

Our payment methods are displayed using payment badges. There is one badge per payment method; Pay Now, Pay Later, Slice it. A method can include various payment options for the consumer.

If you are using a grouping of payment options in your checkout today we want you to update the naming of the groups with Klarna's payment methods. See example below.  

If you present listen payment methods in your checkout we need you to update the naming of the payment options and update to the badge, symbolizing either Pay now, Pay later or Slice it. See example below. 

In the upcoming sections, you will get information, assets, and link enabling you to make these updates. Below you will find the new badges to use in most cases and the local text copy used for both the headline and tagline of each new group. 

We provide you with both png and svg format of the badges. If you prefer using svg just copy the url below; if you prefer using the png format, simply replace ".svg" with ".png".

Use these links to display the badges:

Copy URL​


Copy URL


Copy URL


Click the link below to find local headline and tagline to be used for each payment method; Pay now, Pay Later, Slice it. 

Link to local copy document

On the link below you will find the local copy to be used for each payment option. 

Payment option naming document


Below you will find the new assets to use when presenting Klarna’s payment methods, based on how you display payment methods in your checkout. 

In this section you will find guidelines for displaying payment methods using: 

  1. Text and payment badge (recommended)
  2. Only payment badge
  3. Only text

1. Presenting Klarna with text and badge

When presenting Klarna with text and a badge you will need three different badges, one per payment method and the local copy to display next to the badge. Find the text copy for each payment method below and the badges in the above, in the previous section. There is a text copy for both the header and the tagline for each payment method. 

Click here to find the local copy to be used for each payment option. 

Payment option naming document


Find the links to display for the different badges on the top of this page.


2. Presenting Klarna with only badge

When presenting Klarna with only an image you will need three different badges, one for each payment method, which includes the copy inside the image. Find badges and appropriate links below. To see what payment badge to use for which payment method, see the start of this section “In your checkout”. To find and use payment badges for other markets, please use the country selector on the top of the page. 

Use these links to display the badges:

Copy URL​


Copy URL


Copy URL

3. Presenting Klarna with only text

When presenting Klarna with only text you will need copy for three different uses, one for each payment method. Find badges and appropriate links below.

Click here to find the local copy to be used for each payment option. 

Payment option naming document



On your site

You should be presenting Klarna throughout your site to give the customer the best experience.

The Klarna Logo

The Klarna logo is updated and should be used throughout your website to let the customer know that Klarna is offered in your store. Please note that old CDN-links displaying our old blue logo will not be updated. Instead, you should use the new CDN-links provided below. 

Links to the new logo below: 

For more information about using the logotype, click here

After the purchase

When talking about Klarna after the purchase is done it is important that you replace our old logo with our new. All links to the new logo can be found in the section “On your site” above.

After the purchase, it is also important that the customer is informed about what they can expect both from your store and from Klarna. To make this simpler, we have put together a document where you will find what copy to use in your communications, and when to use it. 


In your marketing activities

When using Klarna in your marketing activities you should use our new logo. All links to the new logo can be found in the section “On your site” above. Remember to ensure the new Klarna-logotype and tonality is used when marketing Klarna in other touch points like newsletters, email-communication and on your website.