Test Credentials

In order to try out the user experience when paying with Klarna, please use the test credentials below to trigger different responses from Klarna's playgrund environment. Klarna will not pay for the invoices created with test persons nor test companies, and will not collect any fees for these invoices.

Depending on which product you have integrated, we offer a few different triggers


Klarna Checkout test triggers

In our playground (test) environment, you can use any valid address to make a test purchase. You can trigger different behaviour depending on your need. The following options are available:

Desired behaviourConsumer email address pattern
Only present pre-paid optionsexample-email+red@example.com

For example, you could use john.doe+red@abcstore.com as the customer's email address to trigger a checkout that only offers pre-paid payment methods such as card.

Klarna Payments test triggers

The default response from our test environment is positive. You can use various email addresses to trigger different (stateless) behaviour depending on your need. The following options are available:

Desired behaviourConsumer email address pattern
New sign up..“+require_signup@”..
Returning customerany email
Show form: False..“+red@"..
Approved: False..“+denied@"..

For example, you could use john.doe+require_signup@abcstore.com as the customer's email address to trigger Klarna's new customer sign up dialogue within the widget


More information

  • Request API trial account credentials to authenticate to Klarna's playground
  • Go to the Environments page to find information about how to reach Klarna's playground interfaces