Klarna Logo

Using Klarna's logotype generates trust and increases your conversion. Use the provided URLs to replace the source of any old Klarna logotypes. Once you've done this, you'll never have to update your Klarna logotype again. We host them for you, ensuring maximum availability and fast loading times.


You need to specify these parameters in the URL to get the correct logo on your site:


You specify country in order to get a specific logo, aligned with the legal requirements in each country. 

Your website’s background

Depending on if you have dark or light background you can get either a black or white logo.


We provide you with both png and svg format of the logo. If you prefer using png just copy the url below; if you prefer using the svg format, simply replace ".png" with ".svg", you won't need to add any width then.


We recommend that the Klarna logo displayed at your site is between 100-300 px. Note that you should not add px after the size parameter.



How to use the Klarna logo

On your frontpage

When showing the different payment alternatives you offer in your store, display our one and only logo.