More details

Here we explain some of the features in more detail.


Update session

If the checkout page is reloaded, for example if the consumer goes back to the product page and then back to the checkout, you can update an existing session. 

Updating a session is done by making a server-side POST call to update session using the same payload structure as when creating the session in the first place. This call will update the existing Klarna session, and has an empty reply when successful (with a header code 204 No Content).


Use of {show_form: true/false}

We know that you want to give customers a sterling checkout experience. Therefore we have created a functionality that quickly alerts your store when a customer cannot use Klarna. It is partially a user experience optimization, but it also serves the purpose of you and us complying with local regulations around presenting credit offers to consumers. It is therefore imperative that you follow the guidelines below.

Klarna's widget uses the show_form:true/false field as a response flag to load and to authorize calls in the Javascript SDK.

The field indicates whether your store may show the Klarna option or not. This boolean is a part of all callbacks, except for re-authorize. Best practice is therefore that you listen to it all the time.

  • When Klarna returns a show_form: true, your store makes the Klarna option available for the customer.
  • When Klarna returns a show_form: false, your store cannot offer Klarna to this customer. You indicate that by setting up one of the following visual arrangements:
    • Hide the Klarna option from the checkout.
    • Grey out the Klarna option and disable clicking.
    • Keep the Klarna option and accept an error message in the widget. Klarna will inform the consumer that this option is not available.