Legal and privacy

When adding Klarna Payments to your site, you need to consider

  • Privacy and data sharing aspects
  • T&C information

On this page, we have collected some useful pointers and links. Please seek legal advice to ensure compliance with applicable regulations.

Customer Data Sharing

National and/or EU rules sets certain limits to how and when you may share customer-identifying information with Klarna. EU regulations state that the customer must have clicked the Klarna option before the Merchant shares any such information. Basically this means you share privacy data at the call, not before. Our default setup complies with EU regulations. If you operate in another jurisdiction, you must check what kind of setup is permitted before you do the integration.

Terms and Conditions

Below is an example of what to your existing terms & conditions. In the text below, replace [LINK] with a link to your relevant country-specific privacy policy. If you already have a similar text in place, skip this section.

Alternative payment options

In order to offer you alternative payment options, we will need to pass your personal, contact, and order details to the respective payment providers. We encourage you to read our Privacy Policy [LINK] for more information.

Privacy Policy

Below is an example of what information you need to add to your privacy policy.

Klarna AB (publ)’s credit payment options

We work with Klarna AB (publ) because they offer our customers convenient payment methods. Klarna AB (publ) (“Klarna”) is a provider of financial services. Klarna's principal place of business is at Sveavägen 46, 111 34 Stockholm, Sweden. Klarna is registered with the Swedish companies register under the registration number 556737-0431 and licensed by and under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (, Box 7821, 10397 Stockholm, Sweden, and the Swedish Data Protection Authority (, Box 8114, 10420 Stockholm, Sweden.

We need to provide Klarna with certain information about you and the order to enable Klarna to assess whether you qualify for their credit products. We need to transfer to Klarna account details such as your name, address, email address, phone number, and payment history, as well as your order details, such as payment method, shipping details, what was ordered, and similar. This will not be done if you do not select Klarna as your payment method. The further use of this data will be governed by Klarna’s Privacy Policy [LINK].

Privacy Policy Links

Klarna AB (publ)’s country-specific privacy policy links:

United Kingdom: