Additional features

Here we explain some additional features that are available. These may or may not be applicable to your store.


Customizing the Klarna Form

You can customize the colors of some elements of the Klarna Widget to create a more consistent buying experience for the customer. The color is set as an option in the load call in the Javascript SDK. Only hexadecimal values are allowed. The default color scheme appears if no values are set.

Here is a list with the graphic elements that you can customize:

  • "color_details": "#C0FFEE"
  • "color_button": "#C0FFEE"
  • "color_button_text": "#C0FFEE"
  • "color_checkbox": "#C0FFEE"
  • "color_checkbox_checkmark": "#C0FFEE"
  • "color_header": "#C0FFEE"
  • "color_link": "#C0FFEE"
  • "color_border": "#C0FFEE"
  • "color_border_selected": "#C0FFEE"
  • "color_text": "#C0FFEE"
  • "color_text_secondary": "#C0FFEE"
  • "radius_border": "0px"


Here are two examples of customized widgets: