With KCO Global, the Checkout API supports presenting the checkout in the customer's language, and using the currency in the country of purchase.

Integration overview

The KCO Global integration is handled by API support for

  • a country_change callback

  • a merchant option to allow all billing countries


The country_change callback allows for the checkout in the customer's language, and display of the currency for the purchase country.


Set shipping countries

Allowed shipping countries can be set in every order through shipping_countries field


Set billing country

The country to render the checkout in can be set with either purchase_country or billing_address.country when creating the order.


Update billing country

By default, the available billing country* list will match the list of shipping_countries.

Updating billing country in the checkout will trigger the new country_change callback, and when billing_address.country changes, the checkout will change to reflect the new billing country.