Klarna Checkout Global

Klarna Checkout Global means that customers get a localized experience when shopping with Klarna Checkout. The nationality and location of the merchant does not affect the language and currency in the checkout.

For example, this will allow a German customer to use their Klarna account, view the Checkout in German and pay in Euro when shopping on a UK shop.

How it works

  1. The merchant creates an order, setting the purchase country.

  2. The checkout is displayed in the language selected by the merchant.

  3. The checkout presents the purchase in the currency selected by the merchant.

The fallback language is English, which will be used if:

  • The customer's browser locale does not match the purchase country.
  • The merchant requests a locale that is not available.

Updating billing country

The billing country is controlled at the merchant end. (See update billing country.)

Separate shipping address

If the customer chooses a billing country that is not an allowed shipping country, it will be mandatory to add a separate shipping address.