Test your integration

It is very important that you test your integration using our test environment and test credentials

Go-live checklist

Below you can find a list of tasks you need to complete in order to go live with Klarna Checkout. Completing these tasks will help you pass Klarna's verification of your integration faster and start accepting live transactions sooner.


  1. Have you rendered the checkout correctly

  2. Is your terms and conditions page linked correctly?

  3. Do you save the customer session?

  4. Is the confirmation page rendered correctly?

  5. Does your platform acknowledge and create the order?

  6. Do you include the relevant information in your packing slips? (Please contact us for more info)

  7. Do you present sufficient information about your store and how consumers can contact you?

  8. Do you pre-fill the checkout for consumers who are logged in?

  9. Have you captured the order to finalize the payment?

  10. Have you contacted Klarna to verify the integration?

  11. Have you reviewed the security of your site? Our security recommendations are a great place to start.

Customize your checkout

Now that you're done with the integration of Klarna Checkout, see our list of additional features for a custom experience that suits your store's needs.