Integrate Klarna Checkout

Klarna Checkout handles the full checkout experience on your site, including both consumer address collection as well as payment method processing.

To quickly get started, you may first play around in our demo store at to get familiar with the user experience (it's seamless, and you can find Klarna Checkout to the right on the demo store's checkout). Tip: Open up the Console page to track the communication between the store and Klarna's servers while clicking around. It's a great way to quickly get familiar with the interactions you will implement later.

Pages and URIs needed on your end

Your integration with Klarna Checkout will have a few interaction points, that we recommend you prepare early on

  1. The purchase flow with Klarna Checkout is made up of two parts: the checkout page and the confirmation page. Both these pages are hosted by you, and you display Klarna's snippets within them. You will receive one snippet to show on the checkout page when you create the order, and one to show on the confirmation page when the customer has completed the purchase. Your pages just need to include a div that you will populate with the HTML snippet you receive from Klarna. 
  2. Klarna needs a URI to inform you of the order status, as you will learn in the Confirm Purchase tutorial. You will need to include a placeholder in the push URI, which Klarna will then replace with the order id when we send the push request.
  3. Klarna will provide the consumer with a link to your terms and conditions in certain phases of the order. In order to do this, we will need a page that contains your store’s terms and conditions. Please create a terms and conditions URI, to which Klarna can provide a link.


You may integrate your system with Klarna Checkout using one of our SDKs. The examples in our integration guide are using our SDKs. You can find out more about the SDK for the current language on the SDK page. If you're looking for native mobile application support for iOS or Android, you should first go through this integration guide for web, and then learn how to natively access the Klarna checkout pages using our Mobile SDKs.

API Reference

You can also integrate directly with our REST APIs. If you want to find more details about Klarna's APIs you can head over to the API Reference. The reference is split in two parts: the checkout API for creating and managing the checkout, and the order management API for handling the post purchase process (capturing funds, order changes, refunds and more).

Test Credentials

When using Klarna's APIs you need to authenticate using a merchant id and a shared secret. Visit the test credentials page to get authentication credentials for testing.


What's next?

Let's start implementing! Take our first tutorial and learn how to embed the checkout snippet.