Sending delivery tracking data to Klarna


In this section, you will learn more about how to send delivery tracking data to Klarna.

The delivery tracking data will be used to offer a better user experience in Klarna’s app, and help decrease errands to your customer service. The data will also be used to improve internal processes in Klarna to make the payment as frictionless as possible.

Preparing the data

Klarna’s API endpoints (capture , shipping-info ) enable you to pass a variety of attributes for one or multiple shipments, as explained below.

Shipping Company (required for a successful tracking integration):
A string with the shipping company’s exact name. Try to be as exact with this name as possible. One problematic example could be the company “DHL” which has multiple subsidiaries for their different markets and delivery methods. For example, a German merchant might use “Deutsche Post DHL” whilst a chinese merchant might use “DHL Asia Global forwarding” or “DHL Freight”. Klarna’s systems can deal with a great variety of names and we can generally figure out quite well which company will transport the goods if you’re specific enough. If you’re unsure, please contact us and we will help you.

Tracking number (required for a successful tracking integration):
A string with the delivery’s tracking number. This should be the same tracking number that is communicated to the customer and the same that can be entered at the shipping company’s website to track the shipment.

Return Shipping Company & Return Tracking Number (depending on the merchant’s way of handling returns, optional):
If you already have a tracking number and shipping company for a potential return at time of capture (e.g. because a preprinted label for the return is included in the delivery), both values should be sent to Klarna.

Other data:
The APIs allow for more optional data to be sent in, which can in some cases make the experience better. Please refer to the API documentation if you want to know more.

The data structure

Here is an example of how the shipping_info data structure could look:

"shipping_info": [
    "shipping_company": "DHL Germany",
    "tracking_number": "JJII1234567890234234234",
    "return_shipping_company": "DPD",
    "return_tracking_number": "DE1238568545XY"
    "shipping_company": "UPS",
    "tracking_number": "1234567890",
    "return_shipping_company": "TNT",
    "return_tracking_number": "0987654321"

Special cases

Deliveries are not trackable:
The goods might be shipped using a non-trackable postal product (e.g. a regular letter). In this case you do not need to include any shipping information in your calls to Klarna.

Non-physical goods:
For non-physical goods there is no need to include any shipping information as there is not shipment.

Multiple deliveries per order:
This is supported by Klarna’s APIs. See above.

Own delivery infrastructure (e.g. food delivery services):
If goods are delivered via a proprietary delivery infrastructure (for example own couriers), Klarna will not be able to track your deliveries, so there is no need to send any data.

Goods will be picked up at a store:
There are basically 2 variations of this case:

  1. A shipping company delivers the goods to the store and the shipment can be tracked. In that case it should be treated as a regular delivery.
  2. For “click and collect” or other in-store purchases please do not send any shipment data to Klarna.

Contact & Support

Please note that our APIs can not validate the data that you send in when the API call is made. The call will not fail if, for example, the sent tracking number is invalid. The processing of the sent data happens asynchronously in the background. You will therefore need to contact us to validate your integration.
Klarna’s Consumer Logistics team is ready to help you in case you have questions regarding doing the integration or to validate your integration.

Please contact logistics[ at ] and include the following information in your email:

  • As the subject please use “Tracking integration: {merchant name}”
  • In the email body please state your shop’s URL, and your eStore ID / merchant ID
  • If you like us to validate the integration please include the order number of one or multiple orders we can validate
  • We are able to help you in English, Swedish and German.

Please note that emails directly to the Consumer Logistics team do not replace Klarna’s merchant support. We won’t be able to help you with any other questions than the ones stated above.