How can I integrate On-Site Messaging on my website?

Follow the steps in Integration .

How does the messaging work?

We show messaging in so-called placements. These placements are essentially dynamic containers. You select the type of placement you would like to use and also decide where and when to include it on your site. You can customize the look and feel of the placement to match your own brand. We take care of the content - Klarna will show the message with the highest potential to increase conversion and / or average order value.

Can I decide on the content of the messaging?

The content is dynamically populated by Klarna. We take into consideration several parameters such as the payment options you are offering your users in Klarna Payments (KP) or in the Klarna Checkout (KCOv3) - so in that sense you control the offer. Due to our dynamic algorithm we are able to choose the best performing content for your customers.

What does On-Site Messaging cost?

The On-Site Messaging is an additional service provided with Klarna Payments (KP) and Klarna Checkout (KCOv3). There are no extra charges.

What do I need to do to be compliant with regulators?

Messaging credit is heavily regulated. Klarna keeps all messaging provided through the On-Site Messaging compliant and up to date with regulations in each market.


I am not satisfied with the loading time. Can I do something?

Definitely! Please take a look at our Best Practices .

Can I use On-Site Messaging via shopsystems or other partners?

Yes! Our partner directory can be found in the main menu under the “Partners” section. Just choose your country, select the partner you are looking for and there you will find information about the supported products like On-Site Messaging.

On-Site Messaging is not being loaded on my page. What can I do?

  • Check that your <klarna-placement> and script tags are valid html. Make sure you are only loading one instance of our javascript library.
  • On-Site Messaging is connected to your payment methods so make sure everything is enabled and that Klarna Payments or Klarna Checkout is loaded in your checkout page.
  • A typical issue can be that the purchase amount is not correct. Make sure you are sending the correct purchase amount (in micro units format)!
  • If all the above is working, check the network requests to klarnaservices.com . Look for errors and 204s, you can detect small mistakes easily.

When using Placements, what should I do to populate the data-purchase-amount?

  • If it is a static value, you can just use the value instead of empty string data-purchase-amount=“12350”. NB! It is in minor units, so 12350 is 123,50 EUR.
  • If it is a dynamic value that you need to add with JS, you can do something like document.querySelector(‘klarna-placement’).dataset.purchaseAmount = 9999. NB! If you have multiple placements in one page, you will need to use a more specific query selector. After updating the values, remember to “refresh-placements” .


How can I customize my placements?

You can customize your placements in the On-Site Messaging app in Merchant Portal. Here you find more information.

I have published a new version, but when I visit the website I still see the old design.

Make sure you do not have a theme set that would override the custom content. Also, make sure to clear your browser cache. Browsers may cache the content for up to 24h.