We have teamed up with leading logistics partners and platform partners to enable the Klarna Shipping Service for merchants. Our partners have implemented our Shipping API and are able to provide us with the available shipping options of the merchants. This means that if you are working with one of our existing partners, you can easily activate the Klarna Shipping Service without any integration effort - you just have to provide us with the right credentials.

Logistics partners

Below you can find our available partners. This list is continuously growing as we are working on integrations in all markets where we offer the Klarna Checkout. We are open to any partnerships which make it easier for our merchants to use the Klarna Shipping Service. If you are interested in a partnership, reach out to us.

Unifaun offers the Unifaun DeliveryCheckout “UDC”, a standardised tool that enables merchants to provide their customers with delivery options. Our partnership with Unifaun enables merchants using UDC to present their available shipping options in the Klarna Checkout. Unifaun provides Klarna with the shipping options based on the rules set by the merchant in UDC. The partnership is free of charge providing our merchants can share the tracking information of the sent parcel with us. More information on how to share tracking can be found here . Before using the Klarna Shipping Service you should configure your shipping options in UDC and provide Klarna with the shipping credentials.

Here you can find more information about onboarding.

Consignor gives you the tools to automate your delivery process all the way from check-out, carrier rating and shipment consolidation through label print, manifest and tracking to notifications and return management. Our partnership with Consignor enables a connection between the Klarna Shipping Service and your Consignor solution. Consignor provides us with your preferred shipping options, as well as with the tracking number and carrier of the shipment. We present your shipping options in your checkout with our user-friendly design. Customers can then easily select their preferred delivery method and track their orders in real-time using the Klarna App.

To get up and running with this integration, you will need a Klarna subscription and the latest version of Klarna Checkout v3. From Consignor, you need a subscription with a Ship Advisor add-on. Before using the Klarna Shipping Service, you must first configure your shipping options with Consignor, then provide Klarna with your shipping credentials.

Here is a step by step guide on how to set this up.

Platform partners

Storm Commerce offers the Klarna Shipping Services as an integrated part of their headless platform. Storm Commerce is a next generation e-commerce platform, enabling B2C and B2B companies to create and maintain a large range of products, apply advanced business logic and manage transactions with a high level of automation. It is a cloud-based and headless commerce platform, built to take control and bring content and commerce together, creating a harmonized shopping experience across all channels and touchpoints.

Find out more and get in contact with Storm here .