Klarna Shipping Service

Give shoppers the power to choose their delivery experience. Stay in control with your shipping rules and our user-friendly design.

What is it?

About the shipping experience

In e-commerce, there is one challenge yet to be solved; the shipping experience. How can we enable users to choose their preferred shipping method at point of purchase? How can we ensure a smoooth user experience through the whole purchase flow - from Shipping to Tracking and Returns?

Shipping is a deciding factor to choose or abandon an online shop. We provide a convenient shipping experience which makes shopping with our merchants enjoyable.

How does it work?

The Shipping API

With the Shipping API, you control the shipping option logic - you tell us what shipping options to show, in which order, what extra services you want to offer (e.g. notifications) and which delivery times or pickup points are available. We receive that information from you or from our common partners through our Shipping API.

What does it cost?

Tracking and pricing

Klarna Shipping Service is part of version 3 of Klarna Checkout and the service is free of charge as long as we receive the tracking information for sent parcels. Many of our logistics partners are able to provide us with the tracking information, which consists of the tracking number and carrier.

If a logistics partner is not able to provide us with the tracking number, you can still use the Klarna Shipping Service. You have the following options:

  • You can provide us with the tracking number and carrier information via the order management API. Just follow these instructions .
  • If you are on a Klarna partner platform that already provides us with the tracking number, then Klarna Shipping Service is free of charge. Read here to learn more about how our partners integrate with Klarna Shipping Service.
  • If you cannot or do not want to share the tracking number with us, you can use the Klarna Shipping Service for 0,5 SEK per finalised session. We will charge you automatically after you have activated the service in the merchant portal. The first 6 months are free of charge.

Ready to start?

Direct integration

Do you handle your own logistics and want to integrate the Shipping API directly? View the integration guide here , and the official API documentation here.

Through a partner

Do you use one of our partners? Check out which partners support Shipping here . Go to Getting Started for more information.