Overview of the Merchant Card Service

Merchant Card Service (MCS) lets you settle orders with virtual credit cards issued by Klarna. We offer prepaid, single use, and multiple use cards in all European currencies as well as in USD.

Why integrate with MCS

Credit card payment

If you operate in a market where your customers don’t have credit cards, but you still want to have them as customers you can integrate with Klarna. The consumer can then do their payment as they want and you get a credit card issued by Klarna that you can use in your normal card flow.

Affiliate marketplaces

If you own a marketplace with different merchants acting on your platform, you can settle customer’s payments towards the merchants via Klarna’s virtual credit cards. Each merchant can independently settle their part of an order. You can choose to settle payments with one card for each merchant or provide a single card with multiple usage to all merchants involved in an order.

Fast integration

When using MCS, no changes are needed to your current integration to Klarna’s checkout. If you only want to use the checkout or Klarna payment capabilities without the ordering handling done on Klarna’s side you can integrate with a card and use it in your normal order handling system.

How MCS integrates into your flow

How to integrate with MCS

  1. Enroll as virtual credit card merchant
  2. Read the section Encryption and decryption of card data
  3. Integrate to MCS’ endpoints: API Reference