Klarna Payments

Add Instalments, Financing or Pay Now to your checkout with the Klarna Payments integration…

About Klarna Payments

Single Blocks

By adding Klarna's payment methods, you enable your consumers to try before they buy, finance purchases on your store via Klarna, or let them pay directly. Klarna offers these payment methods via a widget which you add inline on your checkout page.

Klarna's Payments widget lets you:
1. Easily add Klarna's payment methods in your checkout
2. Integrate using a JSON REST API and a JavaScript SDK
3. Apply your visual guidelines to get a branded experience

Single Payments Explained

Pay now
A fast, safe and easy to use service for direct and automatic payments through direct debit, bank transfer and card.
Pay later
Delayed payments for customers who like low friction purchase and to pay after delivery by invoice.
Slice it
Installment, revolving and other flexible financing plans let customers pay when they can and when they want.
Simple onboarding
Get approved online and paper-free
No hassle growth
Integrate once and adapt new features easily
Cool tech support
Never stay confused with our chat support

Ready to start?

Direct integrations
Click here if your plan is to start a direct integration without using third party platforms.

With Platforms
All the possible ways to connect Klarna to your business using third party platforms.