Integrate Klarna Checkout

This tutorial helps you integrate Klarna Checkout on your website.

Klarna Checkout lets you

  • offer a checkout experience where Klarna takes care of collecting your consumer’s billing and shipping address details, handles the major popular payment methods, and fraud management on your behalf all in one integration.
  • Integrate this using a JSON REST API and JavaScript, or other SDKs
  • Apply your visual guidelines to get a branded experience

Klarna Checkout is made up of two parts: the checkout page snippet and the confirmation page snippet. You will receive one snippet to show on your checkout page when you create the order, and one to show on your confirmation page when the customer has completed the purchase. Your pages just need to include a div that you will populate with the HTML snippet you receive from Klarna.

KCO-Example: UK - Might be different in other regionsKCO-Example: UK - Might be different in other regions

This section only applies to the regions:
Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Austria

Note: Depending on your market, there are two ways to integrate Klarna Checkout.


  • Using our REST API. This is recommended. Continue reading the integration guide below, or
  • If you have a legacy integration, view documentation for our older products. The link will take you to a separate section of this site dedicated to this integration.
End of regional section

What’s next?

Let’s start implementing! Let’s first look at a few things to prepare on your site.