Instant Shopping can be tailored in many different ways to allow you to capture sales higher up in the purchase funnel and much closer to the point where your customers are inspired to buy.

Below we list some of the use cases for which Instant Shopping can offer a smoooth purchase experience:

Use Cases

  • Product page : A one-click buy experience for a specific product and for its related products
  • Cart page : A shortcut to checkout from the cart view
  • Upsell page : A one-click buy experience from a campaing or upsell page
  • Social media : Direct links to buy from social media
  • Blogs : Buy without redirects from blogs or other posts
  • Ads : Buy without redirects from ads
  • QR codes : Scan-and-buy experience with a hosted page by Klarna
  • Email campaigns : Direct links to buy from email and newsletter campaigns
  • Subscriptions : Sign up for subscriptions/ recurring payments
  • Donations : Capture one-time or recurring donations

Checklist before you start:

  • You are onboarded as Klarna Merchant
  • You have provided your Merchant Name and Logo with the Branding app of the Merchant Portal
  • You have your API credentials
  • You have been setup to use Klarna Instant Shopping
  • You feel comfortable using our JavaScript API and REST API

How to test

You can use Klarna’s test environment with specific test credentials you obtain after signing up for a test account .

If you are a Klarna Checkout merchant you will need to use our help for getting you setup for Instant Shopping.

  • Refer to Klarna Payments test triggers for the ability to test out various purchase flows.
  • The API endpoints for our playground environment are described here
  • Look at logs from your API calls, manage orders and more by logging into our Merchant Portal in playground