4. Show post-purchase page

When the purchase is completed the consumer is notified via suitable messaging within the Instant Shopping. There, we show a call-to-action button for directing the consumer to a new location. This location is the post-purchase page you have supplied through the merchant_urls.confirmation when setting up the Instant Shopping Button.

The URL of this page has already been defined either in the first step when you created this button key or in the third step when you approved the order. If you choose to do this when you approve the order, then you can customize and personalize what this page will be for the specific consumer and purchase.

Below you see how a successful purchase looks like in the Instant Shopping flow:

Instant Shopping confirmation viewInstant Shopping confirmation view

For instance with these merchant urls:

"merchant_urls": {
  "confirmation": "http://example.com/upsell-similar-product.php"

the consumer after closing our dialog will land to: http://example.com/upsell-similar-product.php

Order Management

After the order is created, you can manage the order either manually via our Merchant Portal or through our Order Management API .

What’s next?

Just one final check and you are ready to go. See how to test before golive next .