Integrate Instant Shopping Button to a page onsite

During the next steps you will learn how to integrate Instant Shopping Button to a page within your domain. This might be the page of a specific product, a cart page, or any other upsell or campaign page.


  • You are onboarded as Klarna merchant, you have defined your name and logo with Branding, and have your API credentials for both testing and production environments
  • You have setup a Terms and Conditions URL, a page where you host your terms and conditions. Within Klarna’s Instant Shopping view we will provide the consumer with a link to your terms and conditions.
  • You have setup a a Post-Purchase URL, at least one page where we will redirect the consumers after having completed a purchase through Klarna’s Instant Shopping flow. You have the flexibility to specify a different post-purchase page per purchase/consumer.
  • You have setup a Place Order URL, an endpoint where Klarna’s Instant Shopping service pings you in order to place an order.

How to test

In order to test the Instant Shopping product you can use Klarna’s test environment with specific test credentials you obtain after signing up for a test account.

If you are a Klarna Checkout merchant you will need to use our help for getting you setup for Instant Shopping.

  • Refer to Klarna Payments test triggers for the ability to test out various purchase flows.
  • The API endpoints for our playground environment are described here
  • Look at logs from your API calls, manage orders and more by logging into our Merchant Portal in playground

Let’s get started

First obtain a Instant Shopping key