Instant Shopping

With Instant Shopping, merchants can enable a sale as soon as they have caught the attention of a consumer, regardless of where they are in the purchase funnel.

What is it?

About Instant Shopping

Klarna’s Instant Shopping can be used at locations further up in the funnel before Checkout to drive sales. This means that you can use Klarna’s Instant Shopping onsite, within your domain, like in a product, cart or upsell page, but also offsite, like in influencers’ blog posts, advertisements and social media.

Instant Shopping can be used in the following use cases:

  • Product page : A one-click buy experience for a specific product and for its related products
  • Cart page : A shortcut to checkout from the cart view
  • Upsell page : A one-click buy experience from a campaing or upsell page
  • Social media : Direct links to buy from social media
  • Blogs : Buy without redirects from blogs or other posts
  • Ads : Buy without redirects from ads
  • QR codes : Scan-and-buy experience with a hosted page by Klarna
  • Email campaigns : Direct links to buy from email and newsletter campaigns
  • Subscriptions : Sign up for subscriptions/ recurring payments
  • Donations : Capture one-time or recurring donations

How does it work?

Integration Components

Klarna’s Instant Shopping is comprised of the following integration components:

  • a Generation API for creating reusable Instant Shopping keys.
  • a Javascript SDK for configuring an Instant Shopping Button, client-side.
  • an Order Placement API used for fetching and placing or denying an order, server-side.

Reference documentation is available for both the JavaScript SDK and the REST API .

How do i start?


  • You are onboarded as Klarna Merchant
  • You have provided your Merchant Name and Logo with the Branding app of the Merchant Portal
  • You have your API credentials
  • You have been setup to use Klarna Instant Shopping
  • You feel comfortable using our JavaScript API and REST API


An overview of the integration process is given below. As a reference we have picked the integration for displaying Instant Shopping in the Product Page.

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integration process overview for dynamic buttonsintegration process overview for dynamic buttons

  1. Obtain an Instant Shopping Button Key: Use the Generation API to receive a (reusable) key for setting up an Instant Shopping Button.
  2. Setup the Instant Shopping Button: Include our Javascript SDK at the page and add an HTML container element at the position where you want the Instant Shopping Button to appear.
  3. Configure and display the Instant Shopping Button Use our Javascript API to provide all information necessary to support the Instant Shopping Button purchase flow.
  4. Place the order: Respond to our backend-to-backend ping and place the order through our API.
  5. Have available a post-purchase page: The consumer will be redirected to this post-purchase page after the purchase is completed.

After the order is created, you can manage the order either manually via our Merchant Portal or through our Order Management API.

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