Using the In-App SDK on React Native

These are our guides for the React Native In-App SDK. We currently have guides to get you started, to integrate Klarna Payments.


Getting Started

This is our guide to getting started with the SDK. Read about how to add it to your project and about some common features (regardless of your integration approach).

Click here to read more about getting started.

Klarna Payments Integration

If you’re ready to add Klarna Payments to your app, this is the guide for you. It explains how to add Payment Views and what you can do with them.

Read about adding Klarna Payments to your app.

Test App

Within our source code you can also find a sample test application inside the TestApp folder. This exists to show how the KlarnaPaymentView can be used inside cross-platform React Native applications.

To keep things simple, it works as a simple page application which hosts all payment options. In order to try the application you will need to provide a valid authentication token inside the App.js file accordingly:

const authToken = '<your token here>'

With the token you will be able to test any payment option by procedure starting with init and load methods. Then corresponding Klarna components will be rendered to continue with the payment flow.


Our SDK repository also includes an abridged example and guidelines for contribution in the README section on Github. Feel free to check our repository .