In-App SDK

With Klarna’s In-App SDK, you can provide your customers the smoothest checkout experience in your app, regardless of how it’s built.

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What is it?

About the In-App SDK

The In-App SDK allows merchants to natively integrate Klarna’s products into their apps. This means that you can add services like Klarna Payments to your app and let your customers pay with our payment methods.

We offer two integration approaches:

Native Integrations

These allow fully native apps to add views with Klarna content to their app. We currently support Klarna Payments, allowing you to add payment views to your checkout and authorizing a session to create an order natively.

Hybrid Integration

If your app renders in a web view that presents content from Klarna, you can use our hybrid integration to enhance your customers’ experience.

What Does it Offer?

Making Your App Smoother

Our SDK removes any possible friction in your app’s checkout flow by leveraging native functionality in iOS and Android. Some of the things the SDK does are:

Plays Nicely with 3rd-party Apps

Many customers complete their purchase through their banking application or other 3rd-party apps. We make this experience seamless not just by opening these apps, but returning your users automatically when they’re done.

Safeguards Your Users’ Identity

The SDK adds an extra layer of security lowering the risk of fraudulent purchases. It also insures that your customer doesn’t have to write in any redundant info. (e.g. address or credentials) on successive purchases.

An Improved 3D Secure Flow

If certain payment methods require opening banking pages, we’ll display an in-app browser. Your customer can safely authenticate with their bank without ever leaving your app.

As with 3D Secure, we open most resources in an in-app browser or a fullscreen overlay. This insures that your customer doesn’t ever have to leave your app.

How Does it Work?

Every Integration, Under One Library

We offer all our integrations under a single library for iOS and Android. This way, you only need to add a single artifact to your app to use any of Klarna’s offerings.

Minimum Requirements


The In-App SDK supports iOS versions from 10.0 and upwards. To add the SDK to your project, you’ll need Cocoapods or Carthage.


On Android, the In-App SDK supports Android versions 4.4 (API 19) and above. You can add the SDK as a Gradle dependency.