Klarna Hosted Payment Page

The Hosted Payment Page (HPP) is a service that lets you use Klarna to accept payments without the need of integrating our products in your web pages, or even without having any consumer fronting website for In-store or Telesales use cases.

It supports both Klarna Checkout and Klarna Payments so that you can pick the solution that matches the best your needs. With distribution mechanisms (QR Code, SMS and Email), it lets you build your own customized flow that goes beyond the typical eCommerce solution.

Before deciding to integrate the Hosted Payment Page, make sure that you checked our guidelines regarding integrations depending on your use case. A seemless integration of Klarna Checkout or Klarna Payments in your eCommerce checkout flow will always lead to a better conversion rate than using our HPP.

hpp assethpp asset

Not a developer?

HPP is made for developers, but Klarna is available to everyone via our Partners integrations

When should the Hosted Payment Page be used

Use cases of the Hosted Payment Page

HPP is especially made to help you use Klarna Payments or Klarna Checkout in workflows that are not typical e-commerce flows. It is a good fit when you are interacting with a consumer and you need to enable a payment in a store or by phone, without having to host a website. You interact with the consumer to define the order and either redirect them to the Hosted Payment Page or send them a link to pay by Email, SMS or even QR Code.

As this hosted solution provides only basic customization features, for other cases Klarna encourages you when possible to integrate Klarna Payments or Klarna Checkout directly in your website to get a better user experience and conversion rate.

How HPP integrates your flow


HPP lets you provide Klarna as a payment method in your physical store, your consumer will be able to finance their purchase in a few questions with Klarna.


HPP lets you accept payments in a Telesales flow without the need of any website integration. Send your consumer a link by e-mail or sms and let them pay the order.


HPP lets you accept payments on your website with Klarna, but with no client-side integration, just by redirecting the consumer in the checkout flow.

eCommerce Flow of HPP with Klarna PaymentseCommerce Flow of HPP with Klarna Payments

How does it work

Technically, HPP is a companion service to Klarna Payments or Klarna Checkout, which can both be referred as a Payment Provider. You will have to integrate one of these APIs to create a Payment Session, and then use HPP to deliver the Payment experience to your consumers.

A complete payment session will involve three of Klarna services:

  1. Klarna Payments or Klarna Checkout - Payment API to integrate to start a Payment session: KP Session or KCO Order.
  2. Hosted Payment Page - API to distribute the Payment session to your Consumer.
  3. Order Management - Order API to capture payment or refund the order that was created.

Follow our guide

  1. Learn more about objects handled using Klarna APIs : sessions, lifetime, credentials…
  2. Read our step by step integration guide and create your own flow
  3. Check that you respect specific use cases rules for Telesales or In-store cases
  4. Customize the Hosted Payment Page to increase conversion
  5. Read the API Reference

Ready to start?

Direct integrations
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Not a developper ?
You don't need HPP to accept payments with Klarna. Connect Klarna to your business using third parts platforms.