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Partners Integration Checklist

How to connect Klarna payment methods to your webstore using third party platforms

Choose your platform
In order to connect Klarna to your webstore, you need to subscribe to a platform that manages payments. Common platforms are Shopify, Magento, Woo Commerce.
Have a website
In order to connect Klarna to your business, you need a webstore either in development or production.
Decide on a product
Decide which Klarna product you want to connect to your store. If you're uncertain, we suggest you to take a look at our unicorn Klarna Checkout.
Get live credentials
Go through Klarna sign-up to create a merchant account, input your business details, and download live credentials.
Connect platform
Copy & Paste your credentials into your platform plug-in. This will turn on Klarna products on your website and your customers will be able to start transacting
You should be able to transact now.

Merchant Account

Create a merchant account, connect your store, and get access to live credentials.

No website?

In most of the cases, you need a website in order to create a merchant account and get live credentials.

Get smoooth handbook

Integration guide to learn best practices on how to connect Klarna to your store.
Grab the handbook

Are you a developer?

If you’re building your own custom integration, you might want to check the developers integration checklist .

Not sure which product you want?

To find everything you need to know about our solutions and payment methods visit https://klarna.com/business.