Developers Integration Checklist

Highlights on how to integrate Klarna payment methods with any system or custom platform

Choose a Klarna Product
In order to integrate Klarna to your business, we suggest to start choosing a product, and visiting the documentation.
Get test credentials
Create a playground account to get test credentials and get familiar with the test environment.
Check out our SDKs
Klarna provides SDKs and Libraries for environments like: JavaScript, iOS, Android.

If you want to code directly against our REST APIs please take a look at the relevant API documentation.

Follow the integration guide
Each of the product documentations provide an integration guide. Follow the instructions to make sure your payment process works as needed.
Test the system
Make sure everything works. Remember you can place a test order using test credentials on Playground.
It's time to get Live Credentials
Go through Klarna sign-up to create a merchant account and get live credentials.
You should be able to transact now.

Are you not a developer?

If terms like “APIs” and “SDKs” sound like a foreign language, don’t be scared! You can avoid the gibberish byintegrating with partners.

Get smoooth handbook

Integration guide to learn best practices on how to connect Klarna to your store.
Grab the handbook

No website?

In most of the cases, you need a website in order to create a Merchant Account and get Live Credentials.

Not sure which product you want?

To find everything you need to know about our solutions and payment methods visit