What are Klarna Invoice and Klarna Account?

With Klarna Invoice, your customers can shop easily by only giving minimal information and avoiding long registration processes. The customer receives the goods first and pays later, which makes shopping safe. We take the credit and fraud risk.
With Klarna Account, the customer can gather all purchases made during one month on one invoice. Klarna account gives your customers the opportunity to decide how much of the total amount they want to pay each month.
Both of these payment methods should be presented in your checkout just like any other payment method, and use an XMLRPC API to communicate with Klarna's systems.

Logotypes for brand awareness

Presenting our logos next to the payment methods will help your consumer get a quick overview of the different payment methods available.

You can obtain all our graphical assets with instructions on how to use them under Marketing tools.

Descriptions of payment methods

Adding clear descriptions of the different paymment methods allows consumers to understand the payment terms.

As the two payment methods have different characteristics and conditions, we recommend that you use the text below to help the consumers understand them.

  • Invoice: Buy now, pay in 14 days
  • Account: Part pay from XX [currency] / month

You can calculate the monthly cost using the calcMonthlyCost helper function.

Collecting consumer information

Klarna's payment methods require information such as date of birth and social security number.  Please make sure to provide the consumer with fields so that you can collect this information.

For a full guide of the required fields for a Klarna purchase, please see our API full reference guide.

What's next?

You are now ready for our first tutorial. Start with the get consumer address tutorial.